The Maker

My perspective in design is considered sustainable. All my products are manufactured and used in the most sustainable manner possible, taking into accounts both environmental and socio-economic. I have tried to reduce toxic waste and support animal rights. Although I use bits of leather pieces, they are repurposed from jackets, fabric samples or gently used belts. I use recycled or organic cotton in most bag linings, ethically sourced wool for mittens and scarves, regenerated cashmere, recycled textiles for most bags. My studio use LEDs for energy, animal and smoke-free space and recyclable materials for packaging. All my products are 100% distinct and unique. Every piece is handcrafted by my hand, with attention to details and quality assurance. I love nature, I go camping and trekking every summer. I enjoy seeing outdoor and the beautiful nature of Canada, my adopted country. I have kept all those beautiful creatures I see in my heart and use them as inspiration for my designs. Every piece I make has a story behind it.
Check out the sneakpeek of the simple studio work process here.

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